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Official Name: First Prudential Markets Pty Ltd
Regulated by: ASIC
Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
Established: 2005
Trading Products
CFD Trading, Forex trading, Share Trading.
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Why FP Markets?

It’s not everyday that you would stumble upon a broker that is able to provide for all of your needs as a financial trader. With the combination of reasonable pricing, high execution speed, a variety of platform choices, a vast product range, customer support, and market analysis, FP Markets is the best choice for beginner and experienced traders from all around the globe.

FP Markets – Pros and Cons

Pros with FP Markets

New and potential traders need a broker that can teach them the ropes for starting out in the industry, while at the same time meeting all of their trading needs, and ensure the safety and security of all their personal investments and properties. Likewise, experienced traders need themselves an equally experienced broker with a positively excellent reputation, as recognized by the industry and the resident traders themselves. Being a trader through FP Markets will guarantee you with these benefits, and more!

Cons with FP Markets

Although highly secured and widely recognized, FP Markets, and other brokers, for that matter, will not be liable for any financial losses that the trader may possibly encounter. Information provided by the broker shall also be recognized as pertaining to a general audience, and not to a specific trader’s financial needs and preferences, to avoid misunderstandings between both parties involved.  Furthermore, traders deciding to open an account with FP Markets should be fully aware of the risks and challenges brought about by arbitrary changes and decisions made within the industry. FP Markets highly suggest for new and potential traders to read and understand their Terms and Conditions, as provided on their official website, before deciding to open an account with them.

Trading Platforms offered by FP Markets

Being the flexible broker that FP Markets is, different trading platforms are offered for both new and experienced potential traders. The three most widely used through this particular broker are IRESS, Metatrader 4 (MT4), and Metatrader 5 (MT5). For those unfamiliar with the platforms and their purpose for the user’s trading experience, these are used by the trader in keeping track of their financial transactions and investments, and also for keeping themselves updated with the trends and movements of the stock markets. The ability to choose from different kinds of trading platforms to find the one that suits the trader makes FP Markets a highly preferable choice for traders who are seeking for variety in their experiences. In support to this, FP Markets offers other choices for their traders, with the aim of improvement and personalization of their trading preferences. A few of these choices include Traders Edge, a Virtual Private Serve (VPS), and the ability to engage in a Multi-Account Manager (MAM) and Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM), wherein the latter allow the traders to manage multiple accounts from a single device and management platform. With all these options and selections, anyone thinking about opening an account with FP Markets is guaranteed to find the perfect platform that meets all of their trading needs.

FP Markets’ Mobile Trading Platforms

The perfect trading experience requires mobility, and FP Markets is able to give its traders just that. With mobile platforms ready and waiting to be utilized, what was once an ideally perfect trading experience will now be possible even at the palm of your hands!

This wide variety of trading platforms, specifically MT4, is available for download on iOS and Android devices, aside from their availability in Windows and Mac computers. The MT4 mobile application allows traders, regardless if they use their mobile phones or their tablet computers, the combination of a user-friendly interface, access to charts and the markets, fully customizable trading layouts, and much more to be discovered, traders are bound to engage themselves in a trading experience that is out of this world—and out of their desktop computers. Oh, and did we mention that it’s completely free?

Trading with Binary Options

Trading Options Available by FP Markets

Who says you can’t get more from less? With FP Markets, traders can access multiple markets with the use of only one active account. To achieve this, the broker offers three different trading options for their traders: a Contract for Difference (CFD) trading; Forex trading; and Share trading.

CFD allows traders to engage themselves in the price movements of assets and indexes across local and international markets. Focusing on price movements, CFD allows users to gain more profit despite entering a market with only a fraction of the asset that they are buying. This also enables traders to take a position of an asset without taking ownership of the asset. CFDs are therefore ideal for traders who aim for a wide market exposure with the lessened risk of not being able to enter and exit trades quickly. Different types of CFD include Equity CFDs, Index CFDs, Commodities CFDs, and Futures CFDs, and varying CFD account types are dependent on the trader’s capability to maintain them.

Forex trading is made possible through a Forex broker, which enables traders to gain access to the Forex (FX) market, the largest financial market with a global turnover of over $5.3 trillion a day. Forex trading is based on currency, where two different currencies are paired and traded to one another—also called a currency pair—and profits are made in accordance to the fluctuation of the currencies involved. Same with CFDs, account types availability with Forex trading is dependent on the user’s capability to avail its services.

Shares are financial assets that are distributed in the form of dividends. The two main types are identified as ordinary shares and preference shares, whit the former referring to common shares and the latter referring to company-issued shares that can be bought back at any time and date by the issuer. Through FP Markets, traders are given the ability to access both CFD trading and Share trading from a single platform.

FP Markets’ Bonuses for New Traders

For now, there are no significant bonuses for new traders, but a new user in FP Markets is guaranteed a one-of-a-kind trading experience with the use of different trading platforms and products available for use by the traders. Beginner traders are also given initial knowledge and education about trading, in general and in specifics. Experienced traders, on the other hand, and any other traders and potential traders, are provided with FP Markets’ contact details to be reached for further inquiries and concerns that surpass the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, available in their official website.

Blacklisted operators

FP Markets—A Scam?

With 12 years in the industry, 12, 000+ clients from all over the globe, offices established in Sydney, Shanghai, and Beijing, and 36 industry awards and counting, FP Markets is guaranteed to be completely safe and secured both for new and experienced traders. Local traders have also rated the broker an average of 8.7 out of 10 for its remarkable service and prominence to the trading industry. Furthermore, FP Markets is audited by BDO and their traders’ funds are kept and held in National Australia Bank to ensure high security of the clients’ financial investments and properties. As far as scamming and false information is concerned, it should be known that FP Markets has and maintains only one official website which is http://fpmarkets.com, and any entity claiming immediate connection to the broker should be carefully analyzed and assessed for further adequate legitimacy.

Explaining the basics of CFD TradingFP Markets Demo Account and VIP Programs

FP Markets aims to ensure flexibility and security by enabling new and potential traders to create a demo account prior to the decision of creating a live account for their trading preferences. Creating a demo account with FP Markets shall allow the traders to engage themselves in services provided with a live account, but with limitations. With a demo account shall the trader decide whether he or she shall confide and cooperate with FP Markets with his or her shares and investments. Furthermore, the option of creating a demo account is evident of FP Markets concern for personal evaluation by not entitling users to a commitment with a broker by involving them in a live account at once.

PurchacesDeposits and Withdrawals on FP Markets

Deposits and withdrawals to be made with FP Markets are made possible through partnered banks of the broker, namely National Australia Bank, BPay, and China Union Pay. Transaction fees are dependent on the banks’ schedules and are subjected to change in accordance to the bank policies and FP Markets’ terms and conditions, as provided in their website.

SupportFP Markets Customer Service

To further ensure flexibility, FP Markets provide their contact numbers, email address, and office addresses to traders and users for possible further inquiries that may or may not be answered and clarified within the website’s FAQ section. This move by FP Markets is a convenient and helpful way especially for beginner traders who aim to know more about the trading industry and trading with this particular broker.

Learn the basics about Forex Trading on Binaly.comOnline Guides for New Traders

The trading industry is not only for already wealthy individuals. The use of the internet proves evident that trading is for everyone who is fully aware and educated of the industry’s do’s and don’ts, and the risks that trading may pose for each user. With this in thought, FP Markets made sure to include an online education program for new traders which shall provide them with initial information about trading in general, introductory lessons about the different platforms and programs involved, and of course, the risks and challenges that traders may face in engaging themselves around the markets. This tool, although most helpful for beginner traders, is also highly functional for experienced traders who are aiming to explore the markets with new programs, using new platforms, that are specifically provided for by creating a partnership with FP Markets.

Rating and some last comments
  • Security
  • Customer Support
  • Trading Experience
  • Accessibility


Flexibility and security are the keys to an excellent trading experience. Adding remarkable customer service and a recognition within the industry makes it the perfect trading experience that a trader may possibly have. These traits, and more, are met and maintained by FP Markets, a financial broker that is suitable both for beginner and experienced traders who aim to involve themselves in markets around the globe. With a vast variety of choices between different trading platforms and programs, FP Markets is the perfect choice for those who want to get more with less, whit the guarantee for financial security and responsible maintenance. The progress and development of the trading industry in general is guaranteed to mirror the progress and development to be witnessed within FP Markets, and hopefully, the future shall be paved upon the wonders of a perfect trading experience to be encountered only with FP Markets.

INFO About FP Markets

Level 5, Exchange House,
10 Bridge St,
Sydney NSW 2000,
+61 28 25 26 800

FP Markets Customer Care

24/7 support
Yes (Monday to Friday)
Support during weekends
Contact Methods
Live Chat, Email, Phone
Support Languages
English, Spanish and Chinese

FP Markets – Trading Account

Account Currencies
Available for US Traders
Minimum Deposit
Minimum Trade
0,01 Lots
DEMO account
Available. Please sign up for a regular account before using the Demo.
Payment Methods
Bank Wire, Credit Card, Debit Card, Skrill, Neteller, BPAY, China UnionPay

Information about the Trading Platforms

Platforms Available
Mobile friendly
50 +
Gold x 2 Silver x 2 and US Oil Futures pricing, US Oil Cash and Brent oil cash (Total = 7)
Cryptos available
IRESS DMA Equities 10,000+

Other tools offered by FP Markets

Education Center
FP Markets offers a good education section for new traders. Please make sure to get your FP Markets account in order to acces their education section.

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