Trading with Binary Options

Important Information for EU Citizens:

Binary Options are banned in the European Union (on behalf of the European Securities and Market Authority “ESMA”). The decision came into force on 2’nd of July 2018 and means that citizens from EU countries will no longer be able to invest or trade with binary options. This ban is expected to last for three months until a new decision is taken by the same authority. Citizens from other countries (outside the European Union) are still able to trade and invest in binary options.

If you are an EU Citizen and wish to try something similar to Binary Options, then we would advise you to try CFD (even known as Contract for difference). The latter option is considered being safer from a trader’s perspective. You can learn more about CFD Trading on our CFD Section.

Citizens from non-EU countries are still able to take advantage of our binary options guide (see below) and sign up with the brokers listed on the page. EU Citizens are advised to choose another trading product.

At Binaly you’ll find the best binary options brokers, a complete guide to becoming a successful trader, a complete list of binary options terminlogy and, of course, the latest news.

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Why Invest in Binary Options?

First and foremost: Binary options offer investors the opportunity to make huge profits. But they also have many other great benefits.

For one, you know beforehand how much your profit will be. In general the lowest return is at least 65% but can increase to 91% and sometimes even more.

Another unique aspect of binary options is that, unlike many other forms of investment, price needs to be slightly in your favour to receive the full payout percentage.

Finally, binary options are extremely flexible. You can trade at any time, you have an extensive range of assets and expiry times from which to choose and you can determine your desired investment amount.

Trading Binary Options

Characteristic of trading binary options is that you do not actually own any asset. In fact, you speculate whether the price of an asset such as a currency pair, commodity, stock, or index goes up or down within a predetermined bandwidth or a predetermined price level. Next, you choose the expiry time for your investment which can vary from 60 seconds to even the next day. Finally, you choose the amount you want to invest. The word binary actually means “1 or 0” or, in other words, “everything or nothing.”

The advantage is that price needs to be slightly in your favour to receive the full payout percentage. The downside is that when you are slightly wrong, you lose your investment.

Although this form of investment is a relatively simple one it is important to reduce your risks. When you have good risk management, a good trading system the right mindset you will notice that you achieve higher returns.

Why is it so popular?

Investing in binary options is already very popular in England and Australia and this success is expanding rapidly to other countries. It’s not surprising that trading binary options in Europe and other parts of the world is increasing significantly. Binaly offers extensive broker reviews, strategy articles, signals and the latest news in many countries.

Choose the Best Binary Options Broker

Before you begin investing in binary options it’s important that you first choose a good broker.

It’s even more desirable to open accounts with multiple brokers to be assured that you can choose from a larger range of assets such as currency pairs, commodities, indices and stocks and also have the most attractive payout rates. It’s not easy to choose the best broker. It’s important to read reviews of brokers to find out what assets, payout rates, expiry times and other options they offer. In addition you should investigate whether the selected broker is reliable.

The good news is that Binaly has done the most work for you! For example, you can find an extensive list of the best binary options brokers and best trading platforms available to you. We also give you useful tips to determine which broker best suits your needs.

Supervision and Regulation

Apart from the product offering, which is of course very important, it is even more important that a broker is reliable.

Becasue of the growing popularity of binary options, more and more brokers are available these days. Often these brokers are part of companies that offer much longer financial products such as currency trading. Offering binary options is often a logical follow-up step.

However, there are also many new brokers who can not offer extensive experience in offering financial products. These brokers often settle in countries where there is little regulation for offering financial products.

An easy way to avoid questionable brokers is to see if they are regulated. The supervisor ensures that the broker adheres to all rules governing the provision of financial products.

Since most brokers are located in Cyprus because of the favorable tax system that applies, you will often encounter the name CySec. This Cyprus overseer was established in 2001 and has been a part of European MiFID since 2004 as a result of joining the European Union.

Another known supervisor who you will encounter regularly is the FCA. The FCA is the supervisor of Great Britain.

Binary Options Blacklist

On Binaly, you’ll only find reviews from regulated binary options brokers. At the same time we also keep an eye on questionable binary options related products. These we will communicate in the news and place on our blacklist.

“Are binary options a scam?”

This is a question sometimes asked as binary options are a relatively new product compared with more well-known financial products such as stocks and currency trading.

The simple answer is that binary options are not a scam. Binary options are relatively simple products to trade and offer excellent returns for investors.

Before you invest an amount the potential revenue and loss are already fixed. This makes it relatively easy to invest in the market without the need for large capital.

Investing in binary options makes it possible to become financially independent and earn money online from your own home.

Binary Options Terminology

If you have little experience with investing in binary options then some of the terms and concepts regarding binary options may be initially overwhelming. Binaly will help you to get acquainted with all terminology quickly and easily. In fact, much of the terminology is the same as most financial investment products you’re familiar with.

To make it easier we’ve compiled a list of the most common terminology on our Glossary page so you can quickly and easily find the meaning. If you encounter a term that is not on our list, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can add it.

Binary Options Strategy

Don’t be put off by the people who say investing in binary options requires a lot of knowledge of the market and/or binary options. That’s certainly not the case.
When you use a good, simple and effective trading strategy, use a proper money management system and avoid psychological pitfalls you’ll find that making money with binary options is a lot easier than many people think.

The key to success is to keep things simple and focus on the key issues. The successful traders use simple methods and strategies and we will help you choose the same path.

Binaly is your source for explanations of various profitable binary options strategies and it is up to you to choose a strategy that suits you. Do not underestimate the importance of this because the right choice will play a big part when it comes to your success as a binary options trader.

Binary Options Signals and Risk Management

Binaly not only offers you an extensive range of strategies that you can use, you also have the opportunity to take advantage of our binary options signals as a beginning trader (or as an advanced trader).

These signals are based on a simple but very effective basic trading strategy and offer you the opportunity to start immediately with your binary options career.

A big advantage of investing in binary options is that you know exactly how much you risk and how much your potential return is. This principle provides the opportunity to use good risk management.

In addition to a good trading strategy and the right mindset, good risk management is one of the three most important factors in becoming a successful trader.

Always realize that you can’t trade without money. It’s crucial that your bankroll is big enough and you can’t go broke after a few losses. At the same time, you can’t earn money when you don’t take any risks.

Find a good balance between the risk you take and the potential returns you can achieve.

Potential Return on Binary Options

How much is the potential return investing in binary options? It depends. What is sure is that the potential return is well above the usual savings rate.

If you achieve a 4% return on a yearly basis, we can guarantee that this is quite low and there’s still plenty of room for a much higher annual return.

Having said that, the first goal remains becoming a profitable trader — not to make as much profit as possible!

A very important aspect is that you are only in the market when you expect a positive return on a particular trade in the long run. The focus must be on selectively picking good trades.

As you gain more experience and get to know more strategies you will notice that you get more trading opportunities and thus achieve more returns.

A good first step is to start trading binary options by following our signals and, in the meantime, expand your knowledge with our binary options strategy articles.

A Brief History of Binary Options

Although the popularity of binary options has taken flight lately, this form of investment is anything but new.

In the beginning, investing in binary options was primarily for the elite and there was hardly any regulation. This changed over time with the creation of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) in 1971. Since then, the number of transactions has increased significantly.

In 2010, the biggest breakthrough followed when crucial changes were made in terms of opportunities, risk and fixed returns. Since major brokers from then on offered these financial products in a user-friendly manner, it enabled a larger group of investors to trade binary options from their homes and offices.

The popularity of binary options grows daily and this mainly relates to the possibilities offered by the internet and the many attractive aspects of this investment product.

The biggest advantage, and the reason why this financial product is so interesting to a large group of investors, is the simplicity of the product without the high yields in its way. The expectation is that the popularity of binary options will increase even more.

Binary Options Glossary

Below you can find an extensive Binary Options glossary with the binary options terminology that you will encounter regularly.

The instrument on which the trade is based. Binary options are traded based on currency pairs, stocks, commodities and indices.

At The Money
When the price at expiration equals its strike price. Normally, you won’t win or lose anything in this case.

Boundary or Range Option
Instead of the usual call option or put option, you speculate that the price of the underlying asset will remain within a predetermined bandwidth.

Call Option
With a call option you speculate that the value of the underlying asset will increase.

Commodities are raw materials used in the production of goods. Well-known commodities are gold, silver, palladium, oil, copper, grain, cocoa etc.

Digital Option
A digital option is another term for a binary option.

Early Closure
Early Closure is a possibility that some binary options brokers offer. With early closure you have the option to close your binary option before the original expiration time. Thus, you can decide to take a lower guaranteed profit or to reduce your loss.

Exotic Options
Exotic options are simply more complex versions of binary options. These are used by major merchants before being made available to the public.

Expiry Price
The expiry price is the value of the underlying asset when the option expires.

Expiry Time or Expiration
This is the date and time when a binary option expires. These can vary widely but the most common expiration times of binary options are often end of day, one hour, 45m, 30m 15m, 10m, 5m and even 60 seconds.

Forex is just an abbreviated term for Foreign Exchange. The Foreign Exchange market is the second largest in the world and involves all global currencies.

Fundamental Analysis
Fundamental Analysis is used by many traders to estimate whether the rate of an asset will rise or fall. Examples of fundamental analysis are the analysis of macroeconomic figures, central bank and government decisions, growth rates, inflation figures, even the weather.

Futures are basically the same as options but often with longer contract duration and more flexibility when it comes to interim sales.

Hedging means buying an asset or option with the aim of reducing the risk of another investment. Binary options are considered an ideal hedging product as the risk and payment are already known in advance.

High/Low Option
This is the most common form of binary options specifying whether the price of the underlying asset will rise or decrease within a predetermined time limit.

An index is a grouping of stocks.

In-the-money is a term used to describe when an investor achieves a profit.

An instrument is another term used for an asset. Examples of assets are commodities, stocks, indices and currency pairs.

The term “low” refers to a trade or an option that a trader feels will expire at a price lower than the target price.

Market Price
The market price is the price that reflects the current value of an underlying asset.

No Touch
With a No Touch option, you speculate that the price of the underlying asset will not reach or exceed a predetermined price level during the term of the option.

If a trader is out-of-the-money, it means they have experienced a loss.

One Touch
With a One Touch option, one speculates whether the asset value will reach a predetermined price level before the option expires.

Outbound Option
This term is an option on a Boundary/Range Instrument and refers to when the underlying asset expires outside the higher and lower limits of the target prices.

The payout is the profit made when an option expires as expected and is in-the-money.

Put Option
Traders use a put option if they believe that the value of the underlying asset will expire at a lower price.

Range Option
Instead of the usual call option or put option, you speculate that the price of the underlying asset will remain within a predetermined bandwidth.

The refund is how much money is returned to the investor if an option expires at-the-money. How much the refund is depends on binary options broker.

A return is how much money is given to the investor if an option expires in-the-money.

Strike Price
This is the price at which the binary options broker is willing to sell the option.

Target Price
This is the same as the strike price, so the price against which the binary options broker is willing to sell the option.

Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis involves studying patterns of market prices.

Touch Option
With a Touch option, you speculate that the price of the underlying asset will reach a predetermined price level within the term of the option.

Underlying Asset
The instrument on which the trade is based. Binary options are traded based on currency pairs, stocks, commodities and indices.